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Thrower Opportunity Program

Vacaville Unified School District

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    About Thrower Opportunity Program

    Thrower Opportunity Program is an alternative education placement for Vacaville Unified School District students in grades 7-12.

    Students who are attending Thrower are:

    1. serving suspended expulsions,

    2. placed through the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) for behavioral transgressions,

    3. or absorbed into the VUSD from another district at a “like school.”

    The administration and staff at Thrower is committed to creating a safe learning environment and supporting all students in meeting their behavior, attendance, and academic goals. It is our goal to return the student to his/her school of residence as quickly as possible. Only those students who have successfully satisfied the terms of their SARB/Administrative placement will be considered for transfer to a less restrictive environment. Review meetings will be scheduled in advance when a change of placement is considered, generally at the end of a quarter or semester.