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About us

What is Thrower Opportunity Program?


Thrower Opportunity Program is an alternative education placement for Vacaville Unified School District students in grades 7-12.


Students who are attending Thrower are:

  1. serving suspended expulsions,

  2. placed through the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) for behavioral transgressions,

  3. or absorbed into the VUSD from another district at a “like school.”


The administration and staff at Thrower is committed to creating a safe learning environment and supporting all students in meeting their behavior, attendance, and academic goals. It is our goal to return the student to his/her school of residence as quickly as possible. Only those students who have successfully satisfied the terms of their SARB/Administrative placement will be considered for transfer to a less restrictive environment. Review meetings will be scheduled in advance when a change of placement is considered, generally at the end of a quarter or semester.


At Thrower Opportunity Program, we believe in the team approach. Parents, students, staff, and administration all make up the team. As a team, we all have responsibilities and commitments to the students. Below is our commitment to your student and what we ask of you and your student in return.

Administrative Commitment

  1. Support all students in their efforts to complete their personal contracts.

  2. Respond to student behaviors in a fair and corrective manner.

  3. Respond to parent contact within 24 hours of initial contact.

  4. Develop positive relationships with students and families.

Staff Commitment

  1. Implement effective instructional programs which attempt to engage students in the learning process.

  2. Encourage positive teacher-student relationships.

  3. Provide an environment that employs successful classroom management strategies.

  4. Employ positive reinforcement techniques to promote daily attendance, improved behavior, and academic success.

Parent Commitment

  1. Ensure that your child attends class daily and on time.

  2. Partner with the school staff in correcting inappropriate behavior.

  3. Support positive student achievement

  4. Communicate with school when student is absent and if any contact information changes.


Student Commitment

  1. To attend school on a regular basis and be on time.

  2. Learn to the best of your ability and complete academic work as assigned.

  3. To show respect when dealing with all staff and peers.

  4. Obey all school rules as well as state and federal laws.

  5. Dress appropriately for school.

  6. To be accountable for one’s own actions.